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Previously, we noted four printed versions of the ballad "Penal Servitude"-- one dated "circa 1830," one from 1856, and two remembrances of part of it in Notes & Queries 1885 and 1901. Given the slight variations in wording, I did another search and found it again, printed in a fairly rare 1911 book, "Pie-powder" being dust from the law courts collected and recollected by a circuit tramp (London, 1911; fully available at Hathitrust; and also later reprinted). It is attributed to John Alderson Foote K.C. (1848-1922), though he may be only the editor, as these accounts may have appeared earlier in a putative newsletter (one that I have not located).

This song is recorded from memory, the recorder being unaware of any printed version, and that recorder only recalled some of the verses. An introduction is provided (p. 56) as well as lyrics (pp. 57-8) and a musical score (pp. 59-60).

Here is a link to page 57:


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