[Ads-l] Capitalizing in the middle of a trade name--trying again

Dave Hause dwhause at CABLEMO.NET
Thu Aug 16 01:09:29 EDT 2018

It may also help to remember that "listserv" started in all caps and is the 
brand name for a particular type of mailing list software that the makers, 
www.lsoft.com/products/listserv.asp , claim is the original of the type. 
Other programs do things their own way.
Dave Hause

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From: Geoffrey Nathan

Thanks for the explanations.

I assume it’s a matter of particular settings in the ADS-L listserv setup, 
because the other half dozen or so other listservs I read daily do not have 
these effects on the text. In particular, they don’t balk at line lengths of 
varying sorts and actually accept Unicode characters (several of them have 
linguists on them).
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