[Ads-l] "Kibosh" (tangential)

Douglas G. Wilson douglas at NB.NET
Mon Jun 18 01:15:40 EDT 2018

I'll need at least a day or two to compose my responses in the current 
"kibosh" discussion. Meanwhile ....

I note that David L. Gold, publisher of a relevant paper in 2011, was 
quoted on-line in mid 2016:


“I no longer suggest that the clogmakers’ term may be the etymon of 
kibosh as in put the kibosh on (rather, the latter kibosh is probably 
the etymon of the former kibosh) or that the word kibosh may have a 
slight Jewish connection.

“Now, I find evidence for a different suggestion, not original with me 
and not involving any Jewish language or Jews, which I will present in 
an expanded version of the article published in 2011. ...."


I am not acquainted with David Gold myself. Does anyone on this list 
know what his new 'different suggestion' might be? Can he be e-mailed? 
Has the 'expanded version' of his article appeared? (I have read his 
2011 article, which is available on-line.)

-- Doug Wilson

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