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This may be the earliest printed ex. in the U.S.:

1943 _Midland Journal_ (Rising Sun, Md.) [6]:

                                             NO EXAGGERATION
The old man loved to spin a yarn around the general store stove.

"Well, sir," he was saying this time, "so there I was - pinned to the tree
by fifteen Injun arrers. And there I stayed for nigh a week."

"Uh-huh," put in a young fellow, winking at the others, but didn't the
arrows hurt you?"

The old man fixed him with a baleful eye. "Nope, son, only when I laughed."


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> At 4/12/2013 11:32 AM, Stephen Goranson wrote:
> >6 July 1940
> >...The toughest man I've heard of was a gentleman who had the
> >misfortune to run into an assegai in the Zulu War.
> >"does it 'urt much?" asked his mate?
> >"Only when I laugh," he answered.
> So can we antedate it into the 19th century?  And which Zulu War?
> Joel
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> http://trove.nla.gov.au/ndp/del/article/40952033?searchTerm=%22only%20when%20i%20laugh%22&searchLimits=l-textSearchScope=*ignore*|*ignore*|||exactPhrase=only+when+i+laugh|||l-word=*ignore*|*ignore*|||fromyyyy|||notWords|||anyWords|||tomm|||toyyyy|||todd|||frommm|||fromdd|||sortby=dateAsc
> <http://trove.nla.gov.au/ndp/del/article/40952033?searchTerm=%22only%20when%20i%20laugh%22&searchLimits=l-textSearchScope=*ignore*%7C*ignore*%7C%7C%7CexactPhrase=only+when+i+laugh%7C%7C%7Cl-word=*ignore*%7C*ignore*%7C%7C%7Cfromyyyy%7C%7C%7CnotWords%7C%7C%7CanyWords%7C%7C%7Ctomm%7C%7C%7Ctoyyyy%7C%7C%7Ctodd%7C%7C%7Cfrommm%7C%7C%7Cfromdd%7C%7C%7Csortby=dateAsc>
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