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Thu Feb 18 15:10:46 EST 2021

Still not in OED.

1913 _Newark [N.J.] Evening Star_ (Aug. 4) 2: Nibble, Nibble, Ishkabibble

1913 _Sheboygan Press_ (Sept. 23) 3: The Ish-ga-bibble bowling team
defeated Freddy Heerman's Colts 2 out of 3 games on the North Side Alleys
last night.

1913 _Age-Herald_ (Birmingham, Ala.)  (Sept. 28) 8:  ISH-KABIBBLE?
Forst's Everybody's Shoe Store  Why Should You ISH-KABIBBLE?  If you will
come to Everybody's Shoe Store we will show you why you shouldn't
ISH-KABIBBLE!   [Photo.] This is the man who will Ish-Kabibble For You
Everybody's shoe store has the has the merchandise to prevent anyone from
Ish-Kabibbling.  For an explanation come to Forst's ... ISH-KABIBBLE?

 Something was happening in 1913....


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