[Ads-l] hog heaven 1853

Stephen Goranson goranson at DUKE.EDU
Tue Jun 1 08:09:10 EDT 2021

OED (word of the day) has 1868.
1853, 22 Oct. National Union and American 2/1 [n.com]
Where do the editors of the True Whig and banner _intend_ to go when they die? Wrapped up in copies of the National Intellingencer, won’t they be wafted to the “hog heaven” of whig editors […]?

1857, 30 Sept Red Bluff [CA] Beacon 1/3 [LOC]
[This one I like, because it starts remembering, in earnest I—as a child who used to notice--choose to believe, a good acorn year:]
Never since the memorable year, 1849, have these good dames, the oak trees, borne so abundantly of their fruit, so precious to every “Digger’s” heart [….] Plenty of acorns to eat […] “Hog Heaven.”

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