query: looking for a language with a particular typological profile

David Gil gil at EVA.MPG.DE
Sun Sep 24 08:09:11 UTC 2006

Dear all,

I'm looking for examples of languages spoken in Indonesia with the
following typological profile:

(a) SVO basic word order

(b) overt morphological marking of core grammatical relations
(subject/object or agent patient), by means of case marking or
prepositions, or verbal voice, or both.

Outside of Indonesia there are plenty of such languages:  Russian,
Martuthinira etc.  But I am not familiar with any examples of such
languages in Indonesia.

Standard Indonesian would meet the above conditions if not for the
so-called "second passive" construction, of the form [Patient Agent
Verb], where the verb is bare, without any voice morphology.

"Philippine-type" languages meet the second condition, but with their
verb-initial word order they fail the first.

If you know of any such languages, I would be very grateful for the



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