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Thanks all for your responses.

I have managed to consult Panganiban's *Diksyunaryo* of 1972 which includes
the following statement:

"This Diksyunaryu-Tesauro Pilipino-Ingles has 27,069 main word entries
accompanied by almost 217,500 lexical items distributed among [...] 12,000
loan words (Sp., Eng., Ch., Ind.-European languages);"

However, in his Introduction to Leo James English's* English–Tagalog
dictionary* (1965), he is more specific and writes, "The present
Tagalog-based Pilipino is estimated as having around 30,000 root-words and
around 700 affixes. Of the root-words, the recognizable loans at this time
are, in round numbers, 5,000 from Spanish, 3,200 from Malayo-Indonesian,
1,500 from Chinese, 1,500 from English, 300 from Sanskrit, 250 from Arabaic
and a few hundred altogether from Mexican, persian, Japanese, Russian and
other languages." n.d.

The other suggested sources that I have been able to consult tend to
describe loans without quantifying them, although some (eg, Gloria
Chan-Yap) break down loans by semantic domain. I'll see how I go with
Manuel sources too.

Thanks again!


On Mon, Jul 6, 2015 at 11:44 PM, <revel at vjf.cnrs.fr> wrote:

>  Dear Colleague,
>  besides Panganiban , Yap and Pardo de Tavera  i suggest you to  check on
> the work of a great
> folklorist and tagalista, Dr.Arsenio Manuel/
> -Chinese elements in the Tagalog language, with some indication of Chinese
> influence on other Philippine languages and cultures, and an excursion
> into Austronesian linguistics by E. Arsenio Manuel( Book )
> 7 editions published in 1948 in English and held by 153 WorldCat member
> libraries worldwide
> - A lexicographic study of Tayabas Tagalog of Quezon Province by E.
> Arsenio Manuel( Book )
> 5 editions published between 1954 and 1971 in English and Tagalog and held
> by 23 WorldCat member libraries worldwide
> Records and studies the Tayabas Tagalog words and their meanings
> I suggest also  :
> - Vocabulario tagalog  By Francisco de San Antonio O.F.M (1624)  edited by
> Antoon Postma  PULONG Sources for Philippine Studies, Ateneo de Manila
> University,2000 .
> Sincerely,
>  Nicole Revel
> Directeur de recherche émérite au CNRS

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