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Brian MacWhinney macwhinn at
Mon Mar 19 05:10:09 UTC 2001

Dear Stephanie,
  Sorry about the delay in answering your message.  I was away from email
for a few days.  To count the numbers of occurrences of stmt:*:succ, just
use this switch in FREQ:

freq +s"stmt:%:*" +t%fun *.cha

There is no need to use COMBO or KWAL, since you just want a count.  The %
symbol tells FREQ to ignore the second field in your count by merging all
the types together.  The asterisk tells FREQ to break out the third field by

By the way, I tend to prefer using a $ symbol in front of all codes for
clarity and also 3-letter names for coding tiers, since CHECK will complain


On 3/14/01 1:15 AM, "Stephanie Miles" <stephanie.miles at> wrote:

> Hello all,
> I am hoping for little guidance on how to perform a boolean search on
> dependent tier lines that contain several tiers. For example, given the
> following dependent tier line,
> %func:     stmt:term:succ
> how can I tell CLAN to count how many times in the transcript "stmt" and
> "term" , or "stmt" and "succ" co-occur? I tried using the COMBO command,
> but can't get it to work with the colons in place. When I remove the
> colons and use spaces instead, it works wonderfully. However, I'd like
> to leave the colons, or some other tier separator, in the line.
> Any ideas/solutions would be very much appreciated. Thank you!
> Stephanie Miles, M.A., CCC
> Yale Child Study Center
> 230 South Frontage Road
> New Haven, CT 06515
> (203) 785-5805

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