skipping maze words with VOCD

Brian MacWhinney macw at
Thu Nov 14 17:20:13 UTC 2002

Dear Phyllis,
  Thanks for your note on this.  Leonid took a look at this just now and it
appears that this is a limitation in VOCD.  Unlike the other CLAN programs,
VOCD was written at Reading without direct incorporation of the CHAT format,
so we often find problems like this.  Leonid is working now to modify KWAL
so that it can send the correct output to VOCD that strips the mazes.
Hopefully, this will be ready by tomorrow.

--Brian MacW

On 11/13/02 7:53 PM, "SCHNEIDER Phyllis" <Phyllis.Schneider at>

> I was trying to use VOCD on my own transcripts, and tried to keep it from
> using words in mazes with -s"</>".  I didn't get error messages, but when I
> I looked at the output, the lines included text that had been in angled
> brackets in the transcripts.  How can I use VOCD without it counting maze
> words (words in angled brackets followed by [/], [//], or [/-])?  If I can't
> do that directly in the VOCD command, how can I get the mazes out of my
> transcripts before I run this analysis?
> Thanks--
> Phyllis Schneider

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