skipping maze words with VOCD

Leonid Spektor spektor at
Thu Nov 14 17:36:39 UTC 2002

    Unfortunately at this time VOCD can not perform this kind of filtering
on its own. But you can use the following "kwal" command, after downloading
new CLAN from childes web site, to filter out maze words:

kwal +o@ +o% +r2 +r4 +r5 +r7 -k -s"</>" -s"<//>" -s"[/-]" +d3 +d +f *.cha

And then run VOCD on *.kwa.cex files.


On 13-11-02 19:53, "SCHNEIDER Phyllis" <Phyllis.Schneider at>

> I was trying to use VOCD on my own transcripts, and tried to keep it from
> using words in mazes with -s"</>".  I didn't get error messages, but when I
> I looked at the output, the lines included text that had been in angled
> brackets in the transcripts.  How can I use VOCD without it counting maze
> words (words in angled brackets followed by [/], [//], or [/-])?  If I can't
> do that directly in the VOCD command, how can I get the mazes out of my
> transcripts before I run this analysis?
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