clanwin.exe 05-Nov-2000

champaud champaud at
Thu Nov 14 12:17:24 UTC 2002

         I just retrieved yesterday the last (?) version of clanwin.exe 
(05-NOV-2002 13:00) and it seems that there  are problems for us with some 

         First, check treats ç  (c with cedilla) inside words as if it were 
an upper case letter. For instance, if we try to check the following 
çedilla.cha file:

@Participants: CHI Grégoire Target_child
*CHI:   garçon.

We obtain the following result:

 > check çedilla.cha
depfile.cut being used from: "C:\childes\Clan\lib\depfile.cut"
check çedilla.cha
Thu Nov 14 12:54:40 2002
check (05-Nov-2002) is conducting analyses on:
   ALL speaker tiers
     and those speakers' ALL dependent tiers
   and ALL header tiers
 From file <çedilla.cha>
First pass DONE.
*** File "çedilla.cha": line 3.
*CHI:   garçon.
Upper case letters are not allowed inside a word.(49)
Second pass DONE.
Warning: Please repeat CHECK until no error messages are reported!

         It is a problem for editing French. I tried to allow cedillas, but 
it seems that programs ignore 00depadd.cut file. Anyway, the problem would 
remain for running check inside the editor.
         This problem does not occur with previous clanwin.exe programs we 
have on other machines (06-MAR-2002, 01-MAY-2002, 27-AUG-2002, and one of 
September). I wonder whether it is a general problem with check or if it is 
restricted to our French machines.

         There seem also to be problems with freq. As soon as we start the 
program, there is an error message and the CLAN session is interrupted. For 
the moment, I was not able to locate the problem.

Is there something I can do to solve the first problem?

Christian Champaud
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