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Thu Mar 1 17:43:07 UTC 2007

Dear Robert,

I've just completed my Ph.D. thesis on pronouns, including L1
acquisition of them.  However, I used existing data in the CHILDES
database and didn't elicit any pronouns experimentally.

Someone who did, however, was my colleague Rita Jordan, whose
own thesis is as follows:

Jordan, R.R., 1998, An empirical and theoretical investigation of
pronominal development in individuals with autistic specture
disorders.  Ph.D. thesis, University of Birmingham.

She elicited data from a control group of normal children, I
believe, as well as autistic children.   She was mostly interested
in deixis, like me, but might have done something on anaphora too.

Her contact details are:

 	PROF RR Jordan
 	School of Education 
 	University of Birmingham  
 	B15 2TT
	Email 	R.R.Jordan at  

Hope this helps.

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