Brian MacWhinney macw at
Sun Nov 9 03:02:08 UTC 2008

Dear ChiBolts,
  As a part of the process of merging CA (Conversation Analysis) and  
CHAT formats, we have changed the format of the CHAT pause markers to  
be in accord with the CA format.  Basically, this means that, instead  
of # for pause, we are now using (.).   In the CA format, a pause of  
3.5 seconds is represented as (3.5).  All of the data on CHILDES and  
TalkBank have now been reformatted to this new form.  We will also  
modify the depfile to only accept the new form.  If you have older  
data that need to be converted, you can do this by getting a new  
version of CLAN and take the pauses.cut file from the /fixes folder  
and put it in your working directory.  Then you can run the command:

chstring +cpauses.cut *.cha

More generally, if you need to make fixes of this type, the easiest  
thing is just to send your data to us and we will run the relevant  

-- Brian MacWhinney

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