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Annabelle David annabelle.david at
Wed Oct 28 15:17:26 UTC 2009


I have been trying to get a list of all stems from files which have a
mor line (in Spanish). I use the following command:
freq +t%mor -t* +s"@r-*,o-%" *.mor.pst.cex

This works quite well except in two cases:

For contractions where I end up with some stems looking like OBJ, 1S,
3S. I am assuming this comes from mor entries like
v|hace-PROG=do~pro:clit|OBJ&MASC .

Some items still come with markers attached (e.g. pino-DIM). I think
this is when there are more than one hyphen after the stem of the word
(?), in this case: n|pino-DIM-MASC=pine.

Any ideas as to how I can solve that problem without having to change
all of the entries in the original tagged files?



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