Stems in FREQ

Brian MacWhinney macw at
Wed Oct 28 20:42:08 UTC 2009

Dear Annabelle,
     For you problem with stems in FREQ, there are a couple of issues.
      First, the current version of CLAN does not have the problem you  
mention with n|pino-DIM-MASC=pine.  So, please make sure you are using  
a current version of CLAN.  If you are using the latest and there is  
still a problem, we will need to know what system you are using and we  
will need a sample file to replicate the problem, since we cannot  
replicate yet here.
      Second, for the issue with your searches for clitics, I am not  
sure why this is a problem.  If we change OBJ to things like "me" and  
"te" is that what you want.  But then you will not know that they are  
being used as clitics.  This is a rather general problem, not just for  
you, but for everyone dealing with Romance languages.  So, the problem  
here is figuring out what people really want.  Fixing the entry in the  
0affixes.cut file in MOR takes a second once it is clear what is  
needed.  My worry is that some people will want one thing and others  
another.  In that case, it may be indeed that people will have to make  
replacements for their particular purposes.

-- Brian

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