VOCD and Target_Child tag - further info

Brian MacWhinney macw at cmu.edu
Wed Oct 28 16:30:36 UTC 2009

Dear Katie,

Oh, I see what you mean now.  Yes, that #-based selection works for  
FREQ and not for VOCD.  The trick with VOCD is that the core code  
there was written at Reading and Leonid can only handle changes that  
are relatively external to the core code.  However, it may be possible  
to add this feature.  However, if you use the +t*CHI format, that  
would work directly.

-- Brian

On Oct 28, 2009, at 11:46 AM, Katie Alcock wrote:

> If you just type "freq" or "kwal" to get the switches, from within
> CLAN, you get the line
>  +/-t#Target_Child - select target child's tiers
> +t#Target_Child works for these commands (I haven't tried it for
> others) so I assumed it would be the correct format.
> However other formatting of the Target_Child switch still doesn't work
> with VOCD - is this expected, given that it does work with most
> commands?
> (We use children's names because our samples include speech from
> multiple children,  it is easier on the transcribers, and we can if we
> wish re-designate a target child if we focus on a different age group
> at a later date, since we obtain the other children's ages where it's
> possible to do that. I could I suppose search and replace the child's
> name but as I have already included a role of "Target_Child it would
> be nice to know if it works).
> Katie
> >

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