check errors and adding own tags

RSteinkrauss r.steinkrauss at
Fri Jun 24 09:16:08 UTC 2011

Hi Leonid,

thank you very much for the quick reply.

1. I just saw that a new version of the manual has been posted
yesterday. Thanks for updating the section 6.6.2 on compounds! Did I
get it right that the + sign should not be used in "standard"
compounds such as birdhouse, but may still be used in numbers (twenty
+six, see 6.6.5) and should indeed be used in "nonstandard" compounds
such as blue+green (6.6.2)? And when exactly should the plural -s be
used (it is still used in m_and_m-s, but not anymore in p_j-s like in
the previous manual; 6.6.4)?

2. This sounds great! That would be very useful. Thank you for
implementing this! We will work with the new version once it is

3. With the new @x:-tag, editing depfile.cut will be unnecessary and
we will revert to the original depfile.cut.
I saw that I wrote depadd instead of depfile in my last question, that
was a typo. Sorry for the confusion. I don't use depadd.cut anymore; I
meant to say that no matter how I change my depfile.cut, CLAN does not
react to the changes, and also does not use the original, unchanged
depfile.cut once I set the lib path back to the original folder. I
have no idea why that is.


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