Matching phrases with two lists, frequency count

Huang, YuJen ihappylearning at
Wed Dec 19 16:25:55 UTC 2012

Dear all, 

I am doing a collocation study, and have a question about matching phrases. 
After tagging with mor, I have extracted two lists of words from a text 
corpus. One of them is a word list of adv, and the other one is adj.
I want to find all the matching phrases by these two list as adv+adj as 
collocation another text corpus. 

For example.

List1:{bitterly, strictly, lavishly... }

List2:{illustrated, illustrated, limited...}

List3: {bitterly disappointed, strictly limited, lavishly illustrated...}

Does anyone know how to create the list3 from List1 and List2 at once 
without matching it manually? 

Many Thanks.

Huang, YuJen

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