KWAL vs. Freq - different output?

Katie Lippitt klippitt at
Wed Jul 31 13:30:25 UTC 2013


I am creating subdivisions for the filled pauses um and uh in CLAN for a 
certain body of data. All of the filled pauses were originally marked @fp. 
I know this is unorthodox but in order to create the subdivisions we are 
going through and adding @l (lexical) @s (syntactic) and @o (other) after 
the @fp. This data is not going to be used for any databases, I just need a 
systematic way to differentiate the filled pauses. 

I have a list of how many filled pauses there are in each transcript and 
I've been using FREQ to make sure that I remarked all of the filled pauses. 
I was surprised that FREQ brought up all three of my categories and any 
filled pauses I missed but the numbers didn't match what I had previously. 
When I KWAL the transcript or find the filled pauses by hand I find the 
right number. 

Is there any reason that KWAL and FREQ wouldn't match? 

I did re-download CLAN and try again. 
I've been searching with the command freq +sum*  +suh* in order to get all 
my post codes. 


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