Problem with Rely

Tim H timothy.howell89 at
Thu Jun 13 15:51:05 UTC 2013


   We've been having a problem with the results we get from running Rely.  
It shows that there are a significant number of reported errors but when we 
go back and double check the data on the tiers it looks like it matches 
with no error.  We have noticed one possible solution.  We have not been 
very concerned on this data with only putting one utterance per bullet, and 
as a result we have some differences in where our bullets fall.  We 
understand that the Rely function strips away the bullets themselves before 
it runs, but we've noticed that when a line has a bullet, there is an extra 
space in between the utterance delimiter and the bullet.  We think that 
Rely is stripping away the bullets, but leaving the extra space.  
Therefore, if the lines are not all bulleted the same way, Rely could pick 
up on the extra space in some lines and call it an error.  Is this 
possible?  I can send you our data files and Rely output if you would like 
to see it.

~Tim H

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