calculating Mandarin MLU in words

Ying yl5834 at
Tue Dec 23 04:37:47 UTC 2014


I want to calculate Mandarin-English bilinguals' Mandarin MLU in words 
(instead in morphemes to make cross-linguistic comparison). I segmented the 
transcript by words and used the following command (transcript attached):

mor +t*CHI MEV001_retell.cha +1
post +t*CHI MEV001_retell.cha +1
mlu +s“[+ G]” +s"[+ U]" +t*CHI MEV001_retell.cha > retell_001_mlu.cha 

But I noticed that the *number of morphemes* shown in the 
retell_001_mlu.cha was different from the* total number of items (tokens)* 
obtained from the following command:

freq +t*CHI +s”[+ G]” +s"[+ U]" +t%mor –t* MEV001_retell.cha > 

Does it mean CLAN distinguishes between words and morphemes in Mandarin? I 
thought the space between words is the unique way to allow CLAN to 
recognize words (same as morphemes) in Mandarin.  

Which number should I use if I want to calculate MLU in words in Mandarin?

Thank you very much and wish you happy holidays!

Ying Lu

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