formatting issues with copy and paste

Virginia Tompkins vltompkins at
Fri Jan 22 15:22:20 UTC 2016


I purchased the Inqscribe software so that my lab could use foot pedals to 
transcribe. When we copy and paste the text into CLAN, it looks fine 
initially. However, when we save the file and reopen, there are extra 
spaces between lines and other formatting errors. Fixing all the errors, 
which is very time-consuming, does not work because when we save an reopen 
the file, they reappear. Inqscribe support suggested exporting the 
Inqscribe transcript as a plain text file and then importing that to CLAN 
or copying and pasting the plain text file. When we export as a plain text 
file from Inqscribe, it also looks fine. And saving and reopening does not 
disrupt the formatting. However, copying and pasting into CLAN results in 
the same errors when saving and reopening the file. And I don't see a way 
to import a plain text file directly into CLAN. This makes me think the 
issue is something with CLAN not Inqscribe. Are there any fixes to this 

Virginia Tompkins

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