IPSyn Error on UnixCLAN

Trevor Brandon-Harris tbharris at ucdavis.edu
Fri Apr 6 11:51:51 EDT 2018


I'm having some trouble using the ipsyn command with UnixCLAN (compiled on
Ubuntu 16.04).

The command is working fine on the Windows GUI, and I've been able to
execute other analysis commands like mlu with the Unix build, but when I
try to execute ipsyn in any form (eg ipsyn +leng.cut *.cha) with UnixCLAN
on any .cha file (including the example files downloadable from the
TalkBank website), I get the following error:

    Using script file: /home/username/Desktop/CLL/
> unix-clan/lib/ipsyn/eng.cut
> *** File "/home/username/Desktop/CLL/unix-clan/lib/ipsyn/eng.cut": line
> 89.
>     Undecleared variable: O

When I comment out rule N6 (which immediately follows line 89) in the
eng.cut file, I just get a new error:

ERROR: In rule name "V3" include part:
> Unexpected element "+" or "^" or '")" found.
> ($N+$PRO+($MOD^(1)^$$N)+(DT$)+($$ART^^$N+$R^$MMOD^$N))+($DET^$MOD^$N))

I've tried reinstalling UnixCLAN, using older versions, and compiling it on
another machine, but I keep having the same issue. Any help would be



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