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We had a question about the AUG marking on the MOR line in our Spanish transcripts. These are three examples from our transcripts, with the primary question being for Case 3 below.

Case 1 - this seems to make sense because of the "-ota" marking.

*MOT: abre la boca grandota .
%mor: v|abri-3S&PRES=open det:art|el&f&SG=the n|boca&f=mouth adj|grande-AUG=big .

Case 2 - this potentially make sense since "sillón" could be considered a version of "silla".
*MOT: te gusta como huele el sillón cousin_name ?
%mor: pro:obj|te=you v|gusta-3S&PRES=like adv|como=like v|ole-3S&PRES=smell det:art|el&m&SG=the n|silla&m-AUG=chair n|cousin_name ?

Case 3 - here, it seems less clear since it seems like the lemma should be "ratón", with additional markings for the diminutive "-ito" and the plural "-s".
MOT: mira son [x 2] ratoncitos, que están coloreando .
%mor: co|mira=look cop|se-3P&PRES=be n|rato&m-AUG-DIM-PL=rat pro:rel|que=that aux|esta-3P&PRES=be part|colorea-PRPART=color .

We might have missed how this is marked in the MOR manual, but is there somewhere we can look to better understand how these are being parsed?

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Janet Y. Bang, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Fellow

Department of Psychology

Stanford University

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