iilhit...Salish word in KW CJ

David Robertson ddr11 at COLUMBIA.EDU
Wed Aug 4 03:03:45 UTC 2004

Oops, I didn't hit Send the first time...I've figured out a number of
Salish words in Kamloops Wawa CJ, like /piyusim/ '(make the) sign of the
cross' and /haha milalam/ '(Catholic sacrament of) confession'.

But I've come across a new one in Le Jeune's 'Chinook Manual'.
It's /iilhit/ meaning something like 'examine one's conscience'.  This
might be phonemically something like /yEl-xit/ in Northern Interior
Salish.  But I haven't found the source form or source language.

Any Salishan scholars on the list who can help analyze this form?

--Dave R.

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