Warm Springs Indian CJ remembered

Dave Robertson ddr11 at UVIC.CA
Fri Jun 1 19:34:15 UTC 2007

Waggoner, G.A.  1900.  How Captain Dobbins was promoted: A scrap of Idaho 
history.  Oregon Native Son 2(5):241-248.  

Possibly fiction, possibly glamorized reminiscences.  

Pages 245-246:  [quoting an 1863 conversation in the vicinity of 
Placerville, Idaho, in which Bob Fitzhugh is speaking]  

"Once, when employed by the government, I scouted with a Warm Spring [sic] 
Indian.  We came to a place near the head of the Malhuer [sic] River where 
some travelers had camped.  I looked the spot over and said 'two Indians 
camped here to cook their dinner yesterday.'  The Indian shook his head and 
said, 'Siwash wake mitlite citcum sun' -- Indians don't stop at noon...I 
[said], 'Yes...but I think it was Indians camped here.  See they make [sic] 
a small fire.'  He rejoined, 'Wake Siwash.  Uckook Bos[ton'] -- No 
Indians.  They were white men who camped here...I was beaten again, but 
when the scout said, 'Uckook mysika tilicum clatawa nanitch siwash.  Lacket 
sun nanitch copa Salmon Falls' -- they are scouts, our friends.  In four 
days we shall see them at Salmon Falls -- I was completely nonplussed..."

--Dave R

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