Louis Labonte's early Jargon

Dave Robertson ddr11 at UVIC.CA
Fri Jun 1 19:16:38 UTC 2007

Lyman, H.S.  1900.  Reminiscences of a native son.  Oregon Native Son 2
(5):253-257.  [Note, the slogan of this magazine was 'Klose Nesika 

Louis Labonte (the younger), born 1818 at Astoria (?), still alive in 1900 
at St. Paul, Marion County, Oregon...his remarks to an interviewer are 
relayed in this article.  

Labonte's recollections of Chinook Jargon are very interesting.  Quite a 
few forms reflect an early stage where some Jargon words still had old 
Chinook prefixes attached, which were later lost.  Here are some forms, 
with the old prefixed ones CAPITALIZED:  

mowich 'deer'
ESHAYUM 'grizzly bear'
itch-hoot 'black bear'
cuiton 'horses'
passissie 'blankets'
mosket 'guns'
eliatie 'slaves'
haiqua [kind of shells]
cope-cope 'small haiqua shells; turritella'
moos-moos 'kettles' [sic; presumably for 'cattle']
EKAINOOS 'tobacco'
poolallie 'powder'
kah-lai-ton 'bullets'
EOP-TATHS 'knives'

--Dave R

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