Saloon tokens & Jargon

Anthony Grant Granta at EDGEHILL.AC.UK
Sun Jun 17 13:15:06 UTC 2007

Something similar has been recorded for Chinese Pidgin English, namely brothel tokens written in CPE and dating from the late 19th century.  I've seen pictures of them and I think some were shown at a reecent creole conference.  


>>> Dave Robertson <ddr11 at UVIC.CA> 06/16/07 7:36 am >>>
A little-known part of Northwest history: tokens that were good for a free 
drink (etc.) at saloons.

Researching U.E. Fries' mention of an Okanogan-country "Tumwater Saloon" 
that was a hangout of tough guys, I've found documentation of a saloon 
token from Tumwater, Washington. 

The same website lists a "Ticki Saloon", Tonopah, Nevada...I guess not 
Jargon.  It'd be a nice name if it were.  

There's also a Pilchuck Saloon, Woodland, WA.  

I'm not sure yet the time period when these tokens were issued; many of 
them are in denominations of 12.5 and 6.25 cents, i.e. a "bit" and a "half 
bit".  (U.E. Fries' book, by the way, notes 1880s usage in Washington 
state: a "short bit" was a dime, 10 cents.) says 
saloon tokens were common from the 1880s onward.  

--Dave R

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