Possible CJ passage in 1862 diary

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Looks like wawa!
Comments in text BELOW. It hard to figure out what was said.


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> Hello all,
> What follows is an 1862 entry from the diary of A. W. Clah, a Tsimshian trader at Fort Simpson 
> (today Port Simpson or Lax Kw'alaams), B.C., a Tsimshian village.  My Tsimshian is good, but my CJ 
> is rusty, and I feel sure the passage in this entry is in CJ.  Can anyone tell me what it means?  More 
> information on request if people are curious about these diaries, the place of CJ in Tsimshian 
> communities, etc.
> ----------
> Monday morning the 28 1862. Nicely weather. I get up about early morning. I taking small pox 
> man in my canoe to sent at hom. Clah an Quadlenoh South wind and Clah arrived @ hom about 
> half pass 12 o clock an in the same day an it was Duncan sent letter to with Capt McNeill an about 
> dinner time an I walk oude side Fort and Kithone coming from Nass River. good many person 
> looks me when I walking. Some white people an some Tsimshens an Neshaki spoken to me. Clah I 
> want ask to you. an I hath some good news for you she said. an Clah say very good maam. and 
> Neshaki saying Clah you must not tell lie you tell truth she said. This was Mr Duncan sent letter to 
> Capt Mc Neill you killing 3 whit men. This was letter saying.& I am very near crying and I am 
> astonished for blame to me and Capt McNeill look my face. an he said. 

Clah weik mieka Nanege
Clah wake mika  ? nange
 Clah don't you ????
> Claksth khhmieka Clethoowa.

 Clah said 

Naka Nansege Mox the Caname. an Capt Say Closs Nanege 
 Mieka Man of War Ahale-keg. Ja, Co. Capt Say Clah 

Kloosh mika ???? kellapay koopa  Duncan (you better ????? return to Duncan)
Closs mieka jhehh kallepy Coppah Duncan 

> eolyhean? an I gone back at night. Clah Arrived on Tuesday morning @ medlekhadle and I give 
> letter with Mr Duncan. 
> ----------
> Clah is the name of the author.  Medelkhadle is Metlakatla, B.C.
> I hope someone can help.  Thank you!
> Chris Roth
> cfroth at earthlink.net
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