Possible CJ passage in 1862 diary

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After sending the previous message, I've got another idea:
  Maybe that strange "Ja,co" is not Clah's reply, but the last word in Capt. McNeill's statement, and it's in fact chaku "come".
  Closs Nanege Mieka Man of War Ahale-keg Ja Co.   
  Lush nanich mayka "Man of War Ahale-keg" chaku.   
Good you saw the Ahale-keg warriors (?) coming.  or: Watch out the Ahale-keg warriors coming.
  Francisc weXt.
Francisc Czobor <fericzobor at yahoo.com> wrote:
  I think I've got some idea what's about in that passage of Clah's diary.
  I is CJ for sure, but the transcription is very unusual, and some words look very strange, difficult to interpret.
  First, I believe that there are some misspellings or misreadings in the CJ passage.
  Thus, in some words seems to be a "h" where an "a" would be expected: thus, I'd read "Claksta" for "Claksth" and "kah mieka" for "khhmieka". Then, "eolyhean" looks very strange; I suppose that maybe it should be read "eelyhee(n)" and interpreted as illahee/ili'i (earth, land, ground, sometimes also: village). "Ahale-keg" could be the name of a tribe/band. I can't figure out what could mean "jhehh". Also the reply "Ja, co" is very misterious ("co" could be CJ ko/q'u' "arrive").
  Below the CJ dialogue between Capt. McNeill and Clah in my understanding: first line is Clah's rendering with my corrections, second line phonetic CJ, and third: English translation.
  Capt.:  Clah weik mieka Nanege Claksta kah mieka Clethoowa   
             Clah wik mayka nanich Laksta qaX mayka Latuwa   
             Clah didn't you see anybody where you went?   
  Clah: Naka Nansege Mox the Caname   
          nayka nanich makwst kanim   
          I saw two canoes.   
  Capt.: Closs Nanege Mieka Man of War Ahale-keg   
            Lush nanich mayka "Man of War Ahale-keg"   
            Good you see the Ahale-keg warriors (?) or: Look out the Ahale-keg warriors (?)   

  Clah: Ja, Co. (=???)   
  Capt.: Clah Closs mieka jhehh kallepy Coppah Duncan eelyhee(n)   
           Clah Lush mayka ??? k'ilapay kopa Duncan ili'i (?)   
           Clah you better ??? back to Duncan land (= Duncan's village = Metlakatla ?)   
  This is all I was able to figure out. Maybe someone else has a better idea.
  Klush nanich,

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