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		Book series in CDA

Edinburgh University Press have approached me about editing a series in
CDA. I think this might be worthwhile if it can make a clear
contribution to the development of the field. What I have in mind is a
series which focuses on CDA as an interdisciplinary form of analysis.
This would be a matter of persuasive definition: the series would make a
case for CDA being undertaken with more explicit attention to the
intersection of disciplinary concerns of analysts of language and
analysts in other disciplines than has generally been the case. The
fopcus should be on the exciting possibilities for working across
disciplines, as well as the limitations and problems. Contributions to
the series might be single-authored books, but the series would
encourage books written by 2 or more authors based in different
disciplines. The series would also welcome books co-authored by
discourse analysts and practitioners in the domain in focus, e.g.
journalists, lawyers or doctors. A preliminary list of domains of
application of CDA which the series might cover: mass media and
broadcasting, advertising and promotion, popular culture, the
contemporary workplace (including the professions), social difference
(class, gender, race), politics, government and the new social
movements, literacy and language education, science and social science.

I think an initiative of this sort is a matter for consultation amongst
people active in CDA - I hope you agree. What I'd appreciate is (a) a
general reaction to the idea, and any suggestions about a different
emphasis for such a series; (b) any thoughts you have about possible
contributors (including yourself).

I'll be putting something together for early October, so I would
appreciate responses before then.

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