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Wed Jul 5 16:54:53 UTC 1995

Dear colleagues and friends in CRITICS,

	This is only a quick note to thank all of you who have been presenting their specific interests and areas of research through our welcome and useful network. Many of those texts have proved quite interesting and stimulating to me and I will respond to th
em soon. I have not yet done my share in this communicative effort but will do so the moment I am free of accumulated end of term work.

	(This is not exactly the truth: before enterring with some decorum into this first round of self introductions I will have to finish fruit harvest labors and jam making processes in the domestic orchard where I live, in the outskirsts of this huge city.)

	My email address has been changed; it corresponds to a collective mail box (though confidentiality is completely preserved) and you only have to put my name where the program offers "Subject". It is as follows: <ciejuare at>
May you all have a pleasant and conforting summer in this critically complicated world.

Teresa Carbo.

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