CRITICS: Globalisation of discursive practices

Teun A. van Dijk teun at
Sun Nov 26 14:35:23 UTC 1995

Norman's suggestion for a network on the "globalisation of discursive
practices" and his description for some of the issues that may be
discussed in such a network, are excellent, and I hope that many people
will participate.

Just back from a week's teaching (on political discourse) in Mexico City,
and again realizing how much interest and active research there (and
elsewhere in Latin America, where also the first international and
regional association of discourse analysts was founded earlier this year)
is on discourse, I would like to add to this important initiative of
Norman's, by emphasizing that obviously such a network should include
scholars from all over the world, and especially also from the "South",
especially since the globalization processes Norman describes are usually
rather unidirectionally going North-South, and discourse scholars from
the South are most closely familiar with this "receiving" end of the
process. Several subscribers to CRITICS-L are from Latin America, and I
am sure they have their own opinion and suggestions regarding Norman's

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