CRITICS: Metaphor

James Robert Martin jmartin at
Sun Feb 23 22:57:22 UTC 1997


Dylan Glynn has just finished a 4th year Honours Thesis on such metaphor
in French... I'm checking his whereabouts if you want to follow up.


Jim Martin

On Sat, 22 Feb 1997, Tom Huckin wrote:

> Does anyone know of any work that's been done applying Lakoff and Johnson's
> approach to metaphor (in METAPHORS WE LIVE BY) to other languages?  I don't
> mean a translation of their book but rather an effort to see if there exist
> sets of everyday metaphors (in Spanish, French, German, or other language)
> that can be aligned with certain cultural perspectives.
> I've been using the book in my CDA course at the U. of Utah for several
> years now, and this question is one that I keep wondering about.
> Tom Huckin

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