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Thu Aug 6 02:41:32 UTC 1998

At 12:13 AM 8/6/1998 +0200, M.HUSSAIN wrote:
>Dear Memebers of the List,
>May I take your attention to a recently published Ph.D. thesis presented at
>Aarhus Univ. of Denmark by a scholar with immigrant back-ground, Bülent
>Personally, I have not seen so far such a master piece of a scholarly
>on the topic of migration by any Danish scholar who has ever touched this
>What strikes me most is the fact that the Danes are not talking and
>about the book when they are talking at all levels, through all the
>channels, and
>all the times about the problems "they" have with their immigrants.
>Zygmunt Bauman (Univ. of Leeds) has remarked:
>"Diken handles this excruciantingly difficult subject in a masterful way,
>bringing together a deep insight into the plight of the migrants and
>everything which contemporary theory may offer to illuminate it."
>Diken offers a profound analysis of the institutional racism of the present
>days' Danish society ( tribe?) in the light of the most celebrated social
>and sociological theories of our time - and challenges them. (publisher:
>Ashgate, Aldershot (1998).
>Best Regards, mustafa.hussain at

Sounds like an interesting work. But would you mind letting me know whether
you (he) refer(s) to emmigrants, or to people who live a migratory pattern
of life. Than you. -vance

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