Michael Bruner bruner at BABSON.EDU
Wed Nov 17 18:31:53 UTC 1999

Professor Fairclough,

It was with great interest that I read your (not so) recent e-mail on
language and neo-liberalism.  As a rhetorical critic working on public
memory and collective (national) identity construction, my research has
inevitably led me back to two issues: constitutionalism and neo-liberalism.
Specifically, I am interested in how the terms "democratic" and "democracy"
are used as discursive masks for a wide variety of anti-democratic forces.

Since my next major research project will focus on the rhetoric of the World
Trade Organization, the International Monetary Fund, etc., I would be most
interested in hearing more about your proposed project.  However, I am not
associated with CDA, but may be able to complement that field's work with my
own in critical rhetoric.

So.  If my work sounds appropriate for the project and my not being directly
associated with CDA is not a stumbling block to my participation, please let
me know what I should do to further support the project.


M. Lane Bruner, Ph.D.
Babson College
History and Society Division
Babson Park, MA 02457-0310
(w) 781-239-4323

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