Haider again; and - what can we all do?

Ruth Wodak ruth.wodak at UNIVIE.AC.AT
Sun Feb 6 21:39:23 UTC 2000

Dear All!
Since yesterday, 12pm, Schuessel, OeVP and the Freedom Party have formed the
government and are officially installed. demonstrations all around the big
Austrian cities since several days...Haider himself is not part of the
government, he is staying governor of Carinthis, an Austrian province.
Please do not cancel any conferences or trips to Austria, we need your

Please continue to sened newspaper and media reactions on file because we
are planning a website with reports and research on Racism , Haider, Europe
etc. Comments and help and suggestions are very welcome. We will send you
the www.adress and please put links to this in your homepages!
Please send recent research on these topics to me as attachments, rtf files
Moreover, please distribute my guest editorial in Discourse and Society
1/2000 to journalists etc and tell them to get in touch with us if they have
questions or need an analysis of what is going on!
Verene Krausnekcer, a researcher on my team in the Center "Discourse,
Politics, Identity" will mail you very soon, about the Racism Hotline which
is being installed!
See also www.oeaw.ac.at/wittgenstein for some ongoing research on these
Best and thank you

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