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Teun A. van Dijk teun at HUM.UVA.NL
Tue Feb 8 13:09:24 UTC 2000

Please find included a message received from Austria, which Ruth Wodak
recommended to be published also on our list. Although not directly related to
critical discourse analysis, I think the situation in Austria is such that we as
critical scholars should be the last who are worried about whether a posting is
or is not part of our field of research: sometimes instead of discourse and
discourse analysis, we may just have to take action and "do politics".



Verena Krausneker wrote:

> Subject: Support Anti-Racist-Work in Austria
> Dear members of the Critics list,
> Prof. Ruth Wodak has already anounced that you will receive a mail
> concerning ZARA – Counseling for Victims and Witnesses of Racism in Austria.
> ZARA counsels persons who have experienced racist attacks, insults or
> discrimination, either as a witness or as the target of such an action – and
> it offers advice, legal counseling, help and information.
> ZARA is a team of professionals specialized in assisting people individually
> in the process of resolving racist experiences.
> ZARA offers legal and other, problem-specific counsel.
> ZARA will support and assist victims and witnesses until the case is settled
> and will systematically document all incidents that are reported.
> ZARA also offers visits in schools and workshops.
> ZARAs services are free of charge.
> Together with some friends I founded ZARA in fall 1999 because we think such
> a service is urgently needed in Austria. We work in our free time. We are
> currently offering our service 4 days a week in an office that is one room
> in the office of another orgnisation, SOS-Mitmensch.
> We are currently not receiving any money from the State of Austria and as
> far as one can expect with the new government we will not receive any
> subsidy. (How strange and terrible that I can presuppose that you all over
> the world know what SORT of an Austrian government I am talking of!)
> Anyways: We need members and donations!
> If you find our work important and valuable, please consider supporting us
> financially:
> Account 61552279003, routing code 19200, SKWB Schöllerbank
> If you have any further questions, please feel free to mail to:
> zara_vienna at
> or to: ms_verena at
> Thank you!
> ________________________
> Mag.a Verena Krausneker
> Taborstrasse 71/P1
> A-1020 Vienna
> Fon,Fax: 0043-1-218 97 00

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