"The Multilingual Internet" (special issue, JCMC)

Brenda Danet brenda.danet at YALE.EDU
Tue Dec 2 18:06:54 UTC 2003

We are pleased to announce the publication of:

Brenda Danet and Susan C. Herring, Eds. (2003, November). The
Multilingual Internet: Language, Culture and Communication in
Instant Messaging, Email and Chat. Special issue, Journal of
Computer-Mediated Communication, volume 9, issue 1. Several
papers deal among other things with forms of playfulness online.

Table of Contents:

Brenda Danet and Susan C. Herring
    "Introduction: The Multilingual Internet"

David Palfreyman and Muhamed Al-Khalil
    "'A Funky Language for Teenzz to Use:' Representing Gulf
    Arabic in Instant Messaging"

Yukiko Nishimura
    "Linguistic Innovations and Interactional Features of
    Casual Online Communication in Japanese"

Hsi-Yao Su
    "The Multilingual and Multi-orthographic Taiwan-based
    Internet: Creative Uses of Writing Systems on College-
    affiliated BBSs"

Dimitris Koutsogiannis and Bessie Mitsikopoulou
    "Greeklish and Greekness: Trends and Discourses of

Mercedes Durham
    "Language Choice on a Swiss Mailing List"

Salvador Climent, Joaquim More, Antoni Oliver, Miriam Salvatierra,
Imma Sanchez, Mariona Taule and Lluisa Vallmanya
    "Bilingual Newsgroups in Catalonia: A Challenge for
    Machine Translation"

Sandi Michele de Oliveira
    "Breaking Conversational Norms on a Portuguese Users
    Network: Men as Adjudicators of Politeness?"

Siriporn Panyametheekul and Susan C. Herring
    "Gender and Turn Allocation in a Thai Chat Room"
To access the issue, go to http://www.ascusc.org/jcmc/vol9/issue1/.

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