Interdisciplinarity in CDA

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Sun Jun 22 16:27:53 UTC 2003

Dear Friends,
In my Dissertation entitled "Power, Ideology and
Language: The reproduction of the power in the press",
I am analyzing two newspapers associated with two
Iranain parties, the Conservatives and the Reformists.
I wanted to use Fairclaugh’s model as a theoretical
framework, but I realized that his theory was not
suitable for analyzing Discourses at the macro level
of society, so I decided to try combing Laclau and
Mouffe’s model as presented in their book “Hegemony
and the Socialist Strategy”(1985) and Fairclaugh’s
model. But, they cannot be easily combined because
they have different interpretations of the concept
discourse, though I prefer Laclau and Mouffe’s. There
are also other important differences, as well,which I
am not going to deal with here.
Now, I appreciate any comment regarding the
possibility of these two theories to come to a general
theory for analyzing Discourses (ideologies) and
discourses, a macro level analysis and a micro level
analisis within one general theoretical framework.

With Best Wishes
Ali Asghar Sultani

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