US (official) policy toward Iraq in 2000

Celso Alvarez Cáccamo lxalvarz at UDC.ES
Sun Mar 23 16:21:50 UTC 2003

Excerpt from an interview with USA Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen,
Abu Dhabi Television, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, April 10, 2000,

"Q: In statements issued by you or your top aides during your tour
regarding Iraq, there is talk about a change of regime, or a hope for a
change of regime in Iraq as a way of ending the suffering of the Iraqi
people. Is it just a hope, or are there plans somewhere being done to
achieve these goals, and if not, how do you see this suffering would end?

Secretary Cohen: I think it's clear from Saddam's past behavior and present
behavior that he is not interested in being a member of the international
community in good standing. His entire history has been one of pursuing
conflict, of imposing hardships and dictatorial policies upon his people,
and that he is not interested, at least at this point, in complying with
the international community, the United Nations Security Council
resolutions which insist that he make disclosure and open up his country to
international inspection. So it is my judgement, and I believe shared by
most if not all others, that Iraq will not enjoy the benefit of being a
member of the international community in good standing until such time as
he is no longer there.

Now when will a change come about and how, there is certainly an external
political group that gives a different voice to the Iraqi people than
Saddam Hussein himself. But it's my belief that any change must come from
within, must come from within on the part of the Iraqi people who demand
the change and are willing to take action to achieve a change, and with a
goal of making sure that Iraq, its territory, remains united. None of us
want to see in any way Iraq's territory divided and to be splintered. We
want to see an Iraq that is whole and free, and that is prosperous. And so
we're looking for the Iraqi people to bring about a change and we hope that
that can be done, and with hard work, we believe it will be done."


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