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Below I have supplied first names of authors on Companero Teun's list, which makes books much easier to locate. Changes are in UPPER CASE.

Having the needed slick technology and foul vocabulary, I spent seven months scanning, formatting,and uploaing ALL my own books for free on my website appreciating how few students and colleagues can pay for them. I have since received grateful e-mails from just such people in  Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Britain, Colombia. Finland, France, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq (!), Portugal, Russia, Slovenia, Somalia, Spain, Tanzania, Thailand, Tunesia, Turkey, and Venezuela.

I consider my latest, despite its innocuous title A New Introduction to the Study of Text and Discourse (2004) to be a wider 'discouse analysis' that situates CDA and supplies what it often seems to lack , namely 'systemic' theory and practice of lexicogrammar and prosody.

Total cost to any who wish to acquire it: US$ 0.00

Plagued by insomnia. I thought it not irrelevant (though perhaps not terribly polite) to ascertain the prices of Teun's 'list' if purchased through, which is usually the best deal. They are included below.

Blommaert, JAN. (2005). Discourse. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. $32.99

Caldas-Coulthard, CARMEN. R., & Coulthard, MALCOLM. (Eds.). (1995). Texts and practices: Readings in critical discourse analysis. London: Routledge. $41.27

Chilton, PAUL. (2004). Analysing political discourse. London: Routledge. $ 32.95

Fairclough, NORMAN. (1989). Language and Power. London: Longman. $41.27

Fairclough, NORMAN. (1995). Critical discourse analysis. The critical study of language. London: Longman. $27.30

Fowler, ROGER. (1991). Language in the news: Discourse and ideology in the British press. London: Routledge. $31.95

Fowler, ROGER., Hodge, BOB., Kress, GUNTHER., & Trew, TONY (1979). Language and control. London: Routledge & Kegan Paul. (not offered by Amazon)

Kramarae, CHRIS., AT AL. (Eds.). (1984). Language and Power. Beverly Hills, CA: Sage. $ 70,00

Lazar, Michelle. (Ed.). (2005). Feminist Critical Discourse Analysis. Gender, Power and Ideology in Discourse. Houndsmills, UK: Palgrave MacMillan. $ 75.00

Lemke, Jay. L. (1995). Textual politics. Discourse and social dynamics. London: Taylor & Francis. $39.95

Locke, TERREY. (2004). Critical Discourse Analysis. London: Continuum. $19.95. (BRAVO!)

Toolan, MICHAEL. J. (Ed.). (2002). Critical discourse analysis. Critical concepts in linguistics. New York: Routledge. $995.00    (that’s no typo — $995.00)

Van Dijk, TEUN. ADRIAN. (1993). Elite discourse and racism. Newbury Park, CA: Sage. $ 49.95

Van Dijk, TEUN. A. (Ed.). (1997). Discourse Studies. A multidisciplinary introduction. London: Sage. Volume 2: Discourse as Social Interaction. $39.95

Van Leeuwen, THEO. (2005). IntroducING social semiotics. London: Routledge. $96.95

Wodak, RUTH. (1989). Language, power and ideology. Studies in political discourse. Amsterdam: Benjamins. $ 118.00

Wodak, RUTH (Ed.). (1997). Gender and Discourse. London: Sage. $ 38.95

Wodak, RUTH., & Meyer, MICHAEL . (Eds.). (2001). Methods of critical discourse analysis. London: Sage. $ 39.95

Weiss, GILBERT, & Wodak, RUTH. (Eds.). (2003). Critical discourse analysis. Theory and interdisciplinarity. Houndmills, UK: Palgrave Macmillan. $68.75

Young, LYNN., & Harrison, CLAIRE. (Eds.). (2004). Systemic functional linguistics and critical discourse analysis. Studies in social change. London: Continuum. $ 34.31 (list price $49.96)

         TOTAL COST US$ 1,843.79

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