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Lutfi M Hussein lutfi_hussein at YAHOO.COM
Thu Apr 7 19:16:21 UTC 2005

Dear all,

I previously applauded de Beaugrande's efforts to upload his books on
the web, making them available to a wide audience, some (if not many)
of whom couldn't afford them otherwise. Having done that, he called
upon other scholars to follow suit. I am curious to hear from other
scholars about their position on this issue. If something has been
posted on this listserv in response to that call, I must have missed
it. Please correct me if that is the case.

I am calling upon this listserv to engage this issue by addressing
the pros and cons of publishing scholarly works on the web. Clearly,
this issue is a complicated one because it brings into question the
economy of scholarly publishing.

Best wishes, Lutfi

--- beaugrande <beaugrande at TERRA.COM.BR> wrote:
> Below I have supplied first names of authors on Companero Teun's
> list, which makes books much easier to locate. Changes are in UPPER
> Having the needed slick technology and foul vocabulary, I spent
> seven months scanning, formatting,and uploaing ALL my own books for
> free on my website appreciating how few
> students and colleagues can pay for them. I have since received
> grateful e-mails from just such people in  Argentina, Australia,
> Brazil, Britain, Colombia. Finland, France, India, Indonesia, Iran,
> Iraq (!), Portugal, Russia, Slovenia, Somalia, Spain, Tanzania,
> Thailand, Tunesia, Turkey, and Venezuela.
> I consider my latest, despite its innocuous title A New
> Introduction to the Study of Text and Discourse (2004) to be a
> wider 'discouse analysis' that situates CDA and supplies what it
> often seems to lack , namely 'systemic' theory and practice of
> lexicogrammar and prosody.
> Total cost to any who wish to acquire it: US$ 0.00
> Plagued by insomnia. I thought it not irrelevant (though perhaps
> not terribly polite) to ascertain the prices of Teun's 'list' if
> purchased through, which is usually the best deal. They
> are included below.
>          TOTAL COST US$ 1,843.79
> -----------------------

Lutfi M Hussein
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