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Dear friends and/or colleagues!
The papers and books listed below are (finally) available on my website, as are all my books, as previously notified. All but one book had to be scanned and then lightly revised and heavily edited before conversion into web pages. (My fiendish scanner turns my reasonable English words into alphanumeric monstrosities unknown in any terrestrial language. Glork!) I chose works that have been requested, might have retained some genuine interest and relevance, are hard to get, and do not significantly overlap with my already uploaded ‘free books’. Some were contributions to books or special issues that the ‘editors’ abandoned without telling me, and so kept me waiting until I forgot about them.
Linguistic Theory and Meta-Theory for a Science of Texts
The Heritage of Functional Sentence Perspective 
from the Standpoint of Text Linguistics
Design Criteria for Process Models of Reading
Semiotics and Control Systems:
Toward a Non-Classical Model of Communication
Functionalism and Corpus Linguistics in the ‘Next Generation’
Ground Rules For Text Linguistics
An Agenda for Text Semantics:  Meaning and Parametric Adjustment
Language, Discourse, and Cognition: Retrospects and Prospects
Language Programmes in English: A Look into the Future
Critical Discourse Analysis from the Perspective of Ecologism:
The Discourse of the ‘New Patriotism’
Quantum Aspects of Artistic Perception
University Students As Naive Readers:
Anarchy or Self-reliance?
Semantic Evaluation of Grammar in Poetry
Terminology and Discourse between the Social Sciences and the Humanities
Cognition and Technology in Education
 Knowledge and Information — Language and Discourse
The Progress Department
Play on Words Filled with Very Tragical Mirth
Language Policy and Language Education in Emerging Nations
Focus on Slovenia and Croatia
Edited by Robert de Beaugrande, Meta Grosman, and Barbara Seidlhofer
These below had been uploaded before, but, as I now find, in ‘greatest indignation’, with such ‘casually picturesque changes’ as could well appear ‘a ghastly and damnable reduction of intelligence’ (Bernard Shaw), perpetrated by FrontPage and Explorer, in ‘a most unholy match’.
Corporate Bridges’ Twixt Text and Language:
Twenty Arguments against Corpus Research
And Why They're a Right Load of Old Codswallop
Translation in the University:
Prospects for the New Millennium  
‘If I were you
Language Standards and Corpus Data in EFL    
Terminology and Discourse
between the Social Sciences and the Humanities 
Closing the gap between linguistics and literary study
Discourse analysis and literary theory
 Others will follow when I can lay my hands on hard copies, which my, erm, itinerant life has caused to be ‘most foul misplaced’.

Robert de Beaugrande 
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