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Ingrid Piller ingrid.piller at UNIBAS.CH
Thu Jul 21 13:21:20 UTC 2005

Dear colleagues:

The titles below are currently available for review in _Discourse&Society_
and/or _Discourse Studies_ . If you are interested in serving as a reviewer,
pls contact the book review editor at ingrid.piller at with the
title/s you are interested, your full postal address, and a *brief*
description of your qualifications, research interests and fields of

The following points might help you in your decision whether or not to offer
to review books in your field of expertise for Discourse & Society and/or
Discourse Studies:

*Book reviewing is an important service to the academic community.
*Your review should normally reach me within three months of your receipt of
the book. 
*The normal length of a book review in D&S and DS is 1,000 words. Your
review should provide an overview of the contents of the book as well as a
well-argued judgment regarding its place in the field and its likely
importance to the readers of D&S and DS. Mere content summaries are
*Your review will normally be published within six to twelve months after
acceptance of your manuscript. Following publication of the issue of D&S
and/or DS which contains your review, you will receive offprints of the
review, directly from the publisher. 

Best rgds,

Ingrid Piller, Prof. Dr.
Professor and Chair, English Sociolinguistics and the Sociology of English
as a Global Language
English Department, Basel University, Nadelberg 6, CH-4051 Basel,
Ph:  ++ 41 61 267 27 90, Fax: ++ 41 61 267 27 80
ingrid.piller at,

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