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Dear friends and/or colleagues!

Caros/as colegas!
In addition to those recently notified, the following papers and books have been reconstituted and uploaded to my website:  
Además de las obras ya avisados, se encuentran disponibles las siguientes en
Más obras disponibles:
The Story of Grammars and the Grammar of Stories
Smartly polished for upload!
Rhetoric and Stylistics in Light of Large-Corpus Data
Function and Form in Language Theory and Research: The Tide is Turning
Theory and Practice in Applied Linguistics: Disconnection, Conflict, or Dialectic?
(takes on Stephen Krashen)
The rationality of Noam Chomsky
The genetic psychology of Jean Piaget
The Discourse of Dictionaries
The Geopolitics of Culture from a Systemic Functional Standpoint
Cognition and Technology in Education:
Knowledge and Information - Language and Discourse
Theory and Practice of Translation in the Age of Hypertechnology
Terminology and Discourse
between the Social Sciences and the Humanities
Closing the gap between linguistics and literary study: 
Discourse analysis and literary theory
Theory versus practice in language planning 
and in the discourse of language planning
(takes on Joshua Fishman and Robert Cooper)
University Students as Naive Readers: Anarchy or Self-Reliance?
Interpreting the Discourse of H.G. Widdowson: 
A Corpus-Based Critical Discourse Analysis
(unexpurgated version)
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