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I am currently working on my Ph Thesis. I intend to analyse a wide range of texts related to the world of education, related to the passing of the most recent laws in Spain (LOCE and LOE, the first by the conservative party, and the last one by the left wing one). I would appreciate if you could give me a list of the main studies dealing with this topic. I am not only interested in the analysis of legislation (related to education), but also in the analysis of less formal texts dealing with the topic of education (I intend to analyse a forum opened on the web in 2004) and texts published on the press in relation with the passing of the laws.

Thanks in advance.

Francisco Javier García Yanes
Profesor de Lengua Castellana y Literatura en Educación Secundaria
Estudiante de Tercer Ciclo del Departamento de Filología Española
Universidad de La Laguna
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