Final CFP: Critical Approaches to Discourse Analysis Across Disciplines

Christopher Hart christopher.hart at UEA.AC.UK
Fri Feb 17 13:17:15 UTC 2006

*Final CFP: Critical Approaches to Discourse Analysis Across Disciplines *

Thirty years have passed since research began at the University of East 
Anglia (UEA) into what would be inaugurated as Critical Linguistics with 
the publication of Language and Control in 1979. UEA has since remained 
at the forefront of critically applied linguistic research.

In continuation of this tradition, the School of Language, Linguistics 
and Translation Studies (LLT) invites abstracts to be considered for a 
conference designed to assess the state of the art and offer new 
directions for interdisciplinary critical discourse research. The 
conference is organized in cooperation with the Centre for Applied 
Research in Education (CARE) and the Centre for Staff and Educational 
Development (CSED).

Whilst it is CDA that has claimed the most attention, papers dealing 
with any critical approaches to discourse analysis are invited across a 
variety of disciplines.

Interdisciplinarity as a central theme for the conference can be 
interpreted in two ways. First, we are interested in critical approaches 
to discourse analysis as applied within disciplines including all 
humanities and sciences but also applied and professional areas such as 
medicine, environmental studies, engineering, social policy, education, 
law, etc. Second, the methodological foundations of critical discourse 
analysis historically lie with linguistics (from transformational to 
systemic functional grammar) and ethnography. However, recently critical 
approaches to discourse analysis have benefited from a wider range of 
methodologies. We therefore also welcome and encourage papers reflecting 
the theoretical advances in linguistics, psychology and cognitive 
science amongst other disciplines which offer the opportunity for 
critically applied discourse research to expand its methodological arsenal.

To further underscore CADAAD's theme, the invited plenary speakers each 
represent a different approach to interdisciplinarity and innovation in 
(critical) discourse analysis.

* Gunther Kress
* Christ'l de Landtsheer
* Louis de Saussure
* Ruth Wodak

The conference will experiment with a new form of online proceedings 
inviting post-conference interaction between presenters, participants 
and an external audience. From this process, selected presentations will 
be published in print form. CADAAD is pursuing publication opportunities 
with the John Benjamins series Discourse Approaches to Politics, Society 
and Culture (DAPSAC).

Abstracts of 300 words plus references should be submitted to 
discourse at by 25 February, 2006 in Word format (RTF or plain 
text are acceptable alternatives, use of PDF is discouraged). Speakers 
will be allocated 20 minutes talk-time with 10 minutes for questions. 
Abstracts for posters are also invited. Authors should include their 
name, affiliation, correspondence details and indicate whether they are 
submitting for a session paper or a poster presentation. Successful 
applicants will be notified by 31 March.

Please visit for further details.

Registration now open.

Organised by Christopher Hart and Dominik LukeŇ° with Paul Chilton. All 
organisers can be contacted through the conference email on 
discourse at

Christopher Hart
School of Language, Linguistics and Translation Studies
University of East Anglia
United Kingdom

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