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Should there be a single standard in the racist discourse and the Hate-speech? (my question)


>>[The Prime Minister of Denmark] Anders Fogh Rasmussen levels criticism against the double standards, which has characterized the domestic debate of caricatures of the prophet Muhammed. [Peace on Earth]


Neither the [business] firms, writers or the media have defended freedom of expression and the press-freedom to a sufficient level, says the head of the government, writes the Berlingske Tidende [a conservative newspaper]


" They do not like Danish Folk Party [probably the most racist party in Europe and the backbone of this government], they do not like Jyllands-Posten [the largest paper in this country who supports the present government and  is the publisher of the cartoons], and they do not like the government [whose ministers are on the record to have made public statements against Muslims and Islam]. On the background of these three factors, they are unable to find themselves defending the 

free expression in this case"[the publication of the provocative cartoons]. 

So there is a  practice of double-standards, holds [Mr.] Fogh Rasmussen<<


[brackets added & translation mine] ; Source: DR Text-TV, 26.02.06/ 00.30 hours DST.


Mustafa Hussain

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